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about me

I'm a software engineer living and working in Chicago. Programming is a hobby and vocation for me.

My professional career has taken me through various niches of software development. I've worked on Linux device drivers for mobile devices at Motorola. I've contributed to the Windows 7 OS by helping to implement installation and upgrade tools at Microsoft. Currently, I help design and implement performance sensitive trading algorithms for the financial industry.

Much of my free time is spent exploring other realms. I've experimented extensively with computer graphics using both OpenGL and DirectX. I've programmed PIC microchips to control external hardware and designed and built circuits to utilize them. I've invented and implemented a scripting language to simplify the creation of event-driven algorithms. I've dabbled in machine learning algorithms, with the long term goal of being able to contribute to the field.

Outside of the computer world, I try to learn as much as I can about science and math. I play chess in the Chicago Industrial Chess League, and can often be found on FICS under the handle: agottem. I swim and run whenever I get the chance, and am slowly exploring my artistic side through painting.


E-mail: andrew-pub@agottem.com


My resume can be viewed in the following formats: PDF /  TXT /  LaTeX