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2011.11.03 - aerial drone

For a while, I've been interested in purchasing a decent HMD. A little bit of investigation led me to the Vuzix Wrap VR1200. The head-tracker and straightfoward SDK are what appeal to me the most. While researching the VR1200, I stumbled upon an interesting youtube video:

After seeing this, I pretty much decided it will be my next project. A standard EasyStar RC plane should provide enough room to house a Gumstix computer, a long range antenna, some servos, and a webcam. This should be enough gear to communicate with the plane from a ground-based laptop, allowing me to use the head-tracker on the VR1200 to control the webcam. Additionally, the Gumstix computer should be capable of interfacing with various sensors, such as an altimeter and accelerometer, allowing me to implement an autopilot.

The possibilities are pretty much endless! I'll be sure to document this adventure.